APLIC Bali 2015 Group Dinner

Group dinner

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Group dinner Jimbaran
15th APLIC Bali 2015, Asia Pacific Life Insurance Congress. Group dinner at Jimbaran Bay at Bawang Merah Beachfront Restaurant. 100 pax enjoying sunset and our signature dish Seafood Basket.

Group Dinner 150 pax
Group Dinner


As seen on TV: Bawang Merah Beachfront Restaurant at Jimbaran Bay

Our restaurant again in the media, featured on TV at Etalase. Courtesy of Trans7.

Nice article in Essential Bali Magazine
CNNGo names “must eat” dishes for Bali holiday


Bali Spa Ritual 3hrs/US$75 instead of US$140

Bali massage
Body Lulur
バリ島 スパ ヌサドゥア
facial and hair cream bath

Take advantage of our spa’s special offer for limited time:

BALI SPA RITUAL at Sekar Jagat Spa in Nusa Dua/Jimbaran

75min Balinese Massage
30min Body Lulur (deep soft exfoliation)
15min Flower Bath (can be replaced with massage)
60min Traditional Hair Cream Bath OR Balinese Facial

3hrs / US$140
Special Rate for limited time: 3hrs / US$75
Price incl tax and transportation, no additional cost


Treatment in a private, shady outdoor room or in an air-conditioned room. Single, twin and triple rooms available. Free transfer from/to your hotel in Nusa Dua or Jimbaran (if you book in 2 people also free in Kuta and Legian).

Balinese Body Massage is using long strokes, thumb and palm to cover and idealize tired and aching muscles as well as for preventive treatment to your body.

Body Lulur is a spice exfoliation and polishing process and has been practised in the palaces of Bali and Java since centuries. Turmeric, rice, clove and galangan is used for, its an aromatic experience and lovely for all skins.

Enjoy an Aromatic Flower Bath in a traditional tub after massage. Countless fresh blossoms picked in our garden for your pleasure. Only the sky of Bali above you. Option: If you want to skip the bath we could extend the 75min massage to 90min.

Traditional Facial, the royal Balinese beauty care treatment to pamper your face. Original fresh products like avocado, cucumber, lemon, exotic fragrant flowers, honey, egg white and bangkuang are commenly used in this treatment. That promote the skin to become fresh and smooth, protect from dryness and keep moisture.

Traditional Hair Cream Bath to tender all the muscles of neck and shoulder as well as to nourishing the roots of the hair and to give vitality to the hair by using fresh aloe vera and hibiscus

3hrs / US$140
Special rate for limited time: 3hrs / US$75
Price incl tax and transportation, no additional cost



Nyepi Day 2015

Nyepi 2015

Balinese Nyepi Day on Saturday 21 March.
All Bali will be closed on Sat 21 March, the *Day of Silence*. You will have to stay in your hotel. Of course also our spa will be closed. See you on Sunday 22 March!

Sunset Time Jimbaran
New Year Eve


Lobster Dinner

lobster dinner


IDR 500.000 (600g lobster) or IDR 900.000 (1kg lobster)
subject to 10% tax and 5% service

This dish is meant for one person. If you are not a big
eater you might share it but most people eat it alone.

  • Grill Lobster with butter garlic honey lemon
  • Lobster Cream Soup
  • Jukut Urab
    Steamed vegetable with grated coconut dressing and kaffir lime
  • French Fries or Butter Potato
  • Balinese Rice Crackers
  • Black Rice Pudding

Jimbaran Seafood
Lobster Thermidor


Kelan Beach – Pantai Kelan

Kelan Bali

Kelan Beach or Pantai Kelan is at the northernmost section of Jimbaran Bay, above the fish market. The other sections of Jimbaran Bay are called Muaya Beach (in the very south) and Kedonganan Beach.

Access Kelan Beach via Jalan Segara Madu (Segara Madu Street). Or just walk on the beach from Kedonganan via the fish market to Kelan Beach.

Jimbaran Street View
Map Bawang Merah Beachfront Restaurant



pork-free food

Pork-free food in Bali at Bawang Merah Beachfront Restaurant Jimbaran.

Frequently asked question: “How halal is your place?”

Answer: We are a pork-free restaurant, however, we are not a “halal certified” or a “only Muslim food” restaurant. We do not have any pork dishes and absolutely no pork meat in the kitchen so you can be sure that there is no pork in your meal. We definitely do not add any alcohol or wine in our cooking. But for example we use the same glasses for alcohol and non-alcohol drinks, also we cannot 100% rule out that there is not a gelatin or any other minor non-halal ingredient in one of the dozens of bottles with sauces we have in the kitchen.

We have lots of loyal Muslim customers, also big company gatherings, from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries, they all enjoy our food and service and have no concerns regarding the halal issue, but, frankly speaking, if you look for a in all aspects strictly 100% halal restaurant we are not what you are looking for. We want our guests to be happy and safe, so we honestly inform you about what we can do for you and what maybe not. We would be pleased to welcome you at our place!

Jimbaran Seafood
Sambelnya Enak Sekali


Sunset Time Jimbaran

Sunset time Jimbaran Bali

Sunset time table for March 2015, Jimbaran:

1 Mar 2015 – 18:40

2 Mar 2015 – 18:39

3 Mar 2015 – 18:39

4 Mar 2015 – 18:38

5 Mar 2015 – 18:38

6 Mar 2015 – 18:37

7 Mar 2015 – 18:37

8 Mar 2015 – 18:36

9 Mar 2015 – 18:36

10 Mar 2015 – 18:35

11 Mar 2015 – 18:35

12 Mar 2015 – 18:34

13 Mar 2015 – 18:34

14 Mar 2015 – 18:33

15 Mar 2015 – 18:33

16 Mar 2015 – 18:32

17 Mar 2015 – 18:32

18 Mar 2015 – 18:31

19 Mar 2015 – 18:31

20 Mar 2015 – 18:30

21 Mar 2015 – 18:30

22 Mar 2015 – 18:29

23 Mar 2015 – 18:29

24 Mar 2015 – 18:28

25 Mar 2015 – 18:27

26 Mar 2015 – 18:27

27 Mar 2015 – 18:26

28 Mar 2015 – 18:26

29 Mar 2015 – 18:25

30 Mar 2015 – 18:25

31 Mar 2015 – 18:24

Nyepi 2015
New Year Eve


Map Bawang Merah Beachfront Restaurant

Map to Jimbaran Bay

Map to Bawang Merah Beachfront Restaurant @ Jimbaran Bay
Coordinates (-8.7556694, 115.1669474)
Address: Jalan Pantai Kelan, Kelan, Jimbaran Bay, Bali 80361
(0361) 216 8521 or 770 210, open daily 14:00 – 22:00

Jimbaran Street View
You should be here


Jimbaran Beach Restaurant

Jimbaran Beach Restaurant

Somewhat hidden in the northernmost section of Jimbaran Bay, at Pantai Kelan, our Jimbaran beach restaurant Bawang Merah is perhaps bit tricky to find but well worth the effort for seafood lovers and those appreciating a romantic sunset dinner. It is set away from the main strip of seafood cafes at Jimbaran Bay and impresses with a clean, natural, secluded appeal. Our staff is friendly, pricing is transparent and our scales always read correctly.

Opened in October 2011, this genuine place is owned and directed by well-known Balinese restaurateur and spa pioneer Ibu Indri. You can expect delicious grilled snapper, lobster, prawns and calamari, but also Balinese specialties such as Bali duck and chicken sambal onion. The small bar serves up refreshing cocktails, local wines, cold beer and juices and even herbal jamu drinks.