Pork-free food in Bali at Bawang Merah Beachfront Restaurant Jimbaran.

Frequently asked question: “How halal is your place?”

Answer: We are a pork-free restaurant, however, we are not a “halal certified” or a “only Muslim food” restaurant. We do not have any pork dishes and absolutely no pork meat in the kitchen so you can be sure that there is no pork in your meal. We definitely do not add any alcohol or wine in our cooking. But for example we use the same glasses for alcohol and non-alcohol drinks, also we cannot 100% rule out that there is not a gelatin or any other minor non-halal ingredient in one of the dozens of bottles with sauces we have in the kitchen.

We have lots of loyal Muslim customers, also big company gatherings, from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries, they all enjoy our food and service and have no concerns regarding the halal issue, but, frankly speaking, if you look for a in all aspects strictly 100% halal restaurant we are not what you are looking for. We want our guests to be happy and safe, so we honestly inform you about what we can do for you and what maybe not. We would be pleased to welcome you at our place!

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