Sparkling Wine: Tunjung & Jepun

jepun tunjung

Sparkling wine in Jimbaran at Bawang Merah Beachfront Restaurant

Bali Hatten Tunjung / Brut, sparkling, IDR400,000/bottle

Tunjung Brut Sparkling comes from a grape variety identified as Probolinggo Biru in Indonesia. This brut sparkling made in the traditional méthode champenoise, has aromas of citrus peel and flowers, with a lingering scent of light creamy yeast. Tunjung can match almost any food types, an excellent choice as an appéritif, it can also be served with various canapés, pâté, or cheese. Fresh sea food or shellfish match the perfect fresh acidity of Tunjung. Also, perfect on its own.

Bali Hatten Jepun / rose, sparkling, IDR450,000/bottle
Jepun Sparkling Rosé is made in the same traditional méthode champenoise style as Tunjung. It is blushed by the gentle pressing of the locally grown Alphonse-Lavallée grapes. Enhanced by lively mousse this Rosé Sparkling wine is slightly sweet and displays hints of youthful aromas and tropical fruit. It is Indonesia’s first champagne method sparkling wine. Jepun is highly suitable for appetizer and deserts but it is also a perfect wine to have on its own.

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