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Enchanting Bali Dance

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Bali Dance at Jimbaran Restaurant

Watch Balinese Dance in Jimbaran at Bawang Merah Beachfront Restaurant between 19:00 – 21:00, daily.

We are so glad to have Kadek and Intan, two Balinese girls of Jimbaran, they are the gracious dancers of Bawang Merah Beachfront Restaurant. They daily perform a 5mins dance from time to time between 19:00 (7 pm) and 21:00 (9 pm). And they dance very very well! Because they take dancing seriously and they are very skilled. Usually, they choose to dance Tari Sekar Jagat, Tari Taman Sari, and Tari Panyembrama. But you never know 😉

Don’t be shy to give them a tip if you like their dance. Also, feel free to ask them to take a picture together.

Occasionally, they dance at ceremonies in the village temple, then they send a friend or two to replace them here, also good dancers.

In the time between the dances, our sound system runs instrumental background music.

bali dancer

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Bawang Merah Beachfront Restaurant
Pantai Kelan, Jimbaran Bay – Bali

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